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Louise Alder... turns in an incandescent, richly coloured and urgent performance, which confirms her as the brightest lyric soprano of the younger generation (fresh from covering Sophie in Glyndebourne’s Der Rosenkavalier and singing the role at the Proms, she joined the ensemble of Frankfurt Opera and has already performed major roles there). Her passacaglia-aria and death scene would have been outstanding in any opera, any production; how consummately, too, she handled the dream sequence – hauntingly staged – and the tragicomic scene in which Euridice refuses to have the fatal snake venom sucked out of her by Venus-backed Aristaeus.
THE ARTS DESK, David Nice, October 2015
Louise Alder's Eurydice - the focus of the story in Buti's rewriting - commanded and cajoled her beloved with all the tonal warmth and expressive range she had demonstrated in her unexpected Proms turn as Sophie in last year's Rosenkavalier, even in a role that denied her much use of her exciting upper register. She held the dramatic centre among all Warner's stage business, creating a much needed centre of gravity for this irrepressible show.
OPERA MAGAZINE, Alexandra Coghlan, January 2016
Best of all, though, was Louise Alder’s radiant Eurydice. To her dying lament she brought a pathos and stillness that, after the high jinx of the first act, came as quite a shock. 
THE FINANCIAL TIMES, Hannah Nepil, October 2015
Louise Alder’s Eurydice is the pick of the singers for the sublime parts... She puts across Eurydice’s fidelity and despair in an engaging manner, helped by a sweet voice, spot-on intonation and well-turned phrasing. BACHTRACK, David Karlin, October 2015
Orpheus, though, puts her centre stage and gives Louise Alder the meatiest role of all - and she eats it up. Wonderfully passionate in her anger towards Aristeus... this committed singing actress is a special communicator as well as a radient soprano. Her death aria is deeply moving and transcends the indulgences of Christopher Cowell's translation. WHAT'S ON STAGE, Mark Valencia, October 2015
Louise Alder's stunning death as Eurydice. THE TIMES, Richard Morrison, October 2015
Louise Alder is a winning Eurydice. THE TELEGRAPH, Rupert Christiansen, October 2015
Alder showed both excellent breath control and musical intelligence in crafting the rolling vocal phrases, recognising the nuances that the small chromatic inflections can bring about, enriching the lines as they evolved. The contrast between the diminishing pianissimo vulnerability and the rhetoric outbursts in fear of death that marked Eurudice’s dying moments was incredibly touching. OPERA NEWS, Claire Seymour, October 2015

Eurydice (Orpheus)

The Royal Opera

Wanamaker Playhouse, The Globe

October 2015

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